I. The Crux of The Matter

The road commencing a spiritual journey comes down to asking one simple question, “what is the purpose of life?” The search for a universal bona fide answer during such a journey will require your surrendering from worldly affairs. Such an expedition must take precedence over everything else. The only thing stopping you is foolishness, as common sense tells us that such a pursuit cannot be taken after one reaches the grave.

II. On the Surface

Overconfidence clouds your intellect, narrowing your once broadened vision. The arrogant individual cannot see past this life, except that which appears (physically) before them. They will invest countless years in order to chase a fictional lifestyle, rather than seek the answer to the more apparent, more obvious question in life. Regrettably, how many people will seek to determine the reason they set foot on this earth before they leave this world?

The ‘overconfident’ characteristic and its dangers are overlooked. As you become overconfident in your individual views, you become oblivious to alternative ones. The outcome is that your God-given empathetic and observant qualities are eaten away by ignorance itself. When you’re ready to leave this world without knowing why you ever stepped into it, you’ve reached the height of foolishness. Your entire life, you invented your own answers based on doubt, instead of asking questions based on sincerity and conviction. So what should your end be?

What should be the end of someone who purposely, conceitedly avoids seeking life’s deeper meaning, who shuns the thought of having any responsibility towards humanity, let alone their own soul, who denies the infinite blessings they were given? What end does such an individual deserve when they had their entire lives to contemplate?

Go and interrogate your soul and fear what is to come after death.