A Dawah book for non-Muslims

Book Title: “History of Truth, The Truth about God and Religions

By Dr. Adel Elsaie,


You can buy it from http://www.islamicbookstore.com


Dedications & Al-Azhar Approval


Numbering System

1. My Defense, What is Yours?

1.1 The Law of Repetition

2. The Universe

2.1 Models and Mathematics

2.2 Creating the Universe

2.3 Understanding the Known Universe

2.4 Searching the Missing Universe

2.5 Applications of the Law of Repetition

3. Life

3.1 Facts and Assumptions

3.2 History of Evolution

3.3 Discrediting Evolution: Origin of Life

3.4 Discrediting Evolution: The Fossil Record

3.5 Discrediting Evolution: Humans or Apes?

3.6 Discrediting Evolution: Comparative Anatomy

3.7 Discrediting Evolution: Mutation

3.8 The Creation Model

3.9 Law of Cause and Effect

4. God

4.1 Homo Arrogans

4.2 God and Science

4.3 Polytheism

4.4 Monotheism

4.5 God in the Bible

4.6 His Name is Allah

4.7 The Religion Criteria

5. Setting the Stage for Christianity

5.1 The Old Testament

5.2 Contradictions in the Old Testament

5.3 The Prophets in the Old Testament

5.4 The Axial Age

5.5 The Hellenistic Age

5.6 Greek Philosophy

5.7 Jewish Religious Groups

6. Evolution of Christianity – Four Phases Theory

6.1 Versions of the New Testament

6.2 The Gospels

6.3 Other Gospels

6.4 Sources of the Gospels

6.5 Contradictions in the New Testament

6.6 Paul and the Judeo-Christianity

6.7 Gnosticism

6.8 The Fathers of the Church

6.9 The Ecumenical Councils of Church

7. Islam and Christianity

7.1 The Doctrine of Trinity

7.2 The Doctrine of the Son of God

7.3 The Doctrine of Original Sin and Atonement

7.4 The Crucifixion and the Resurrection

7.5 Jesus Christ (Pbuh)

7.6 Muhammad (Pbuh) in the Bible

8. Islam

8.1 Islamic Sources

8.2 The Five Pillars of Islam

8.3 Articles of Faith in Islam

8.4 The Prophet (Pbuh)

8.5 Islam and Community

8.6 The Divine Standard

8.7 The Fastest Growing Religion

8.8 The Process of Elimination

9. The Scientific Miracle

9.1 The Divine Big Bang

9.2 The Existing Universe in the Quran

9.3 The End of the Universe in the Quran

9.4 Solar System in the Quran

9.5 The Earth in the Quran

9.6 Life and Death in the Quran

9.7 Embryology in the Quran

9.8 Physics in the Quran

10 Conclusions

10.1 The Religion Criteria






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