A Dawah Idea

Dear Da’ee:

Imagine if non-Muslims had the chance to hear and understand the Qur’an before they leave this world.

This is my goal with the “Ponder Death” Dawah project: to produce a mass audio pamphlet which contains the recitation and translation of the Holy Qur’an — basically an Audio CD. However, before I can do that, I would like to record an introduction to the Qur’an, so that the Qur’an is not taken lightly as gesture or harmonic singing, but taken seriously or as a warning. Without delay, the next step would be to make available all recordings downloadable for free in MP3 format (selected Sura’s and introduction) onto a website backed by a massive marketing campaign. Furthermore, it will be recorded on a CD which will be used by MSA’s across North America during Islamic Awareness Week. Our small team in Canada is determined and excited to execute this project with sincerity and devotion, Insh’Allah.

We need to find a well-spoken da’ee who would be suitable to record a 5-10 minute introduction to the Qur’an for a mature non-Muslim audience. There is no concern if you exceed the allotted time as I have a professional audio editing software. Once the recording is complete, feel free to send it by any means and in whichever format is convenient for you. Upon completion of the website, I will send you the link with the full CD available for download, Insh’Allah.

I have taken the initiate below to list a few suggestions for the recording. Regardless of whether you consider them, I am confident you will do a fantastic job, Insh’Allah.

·         Begin with an attention-grabber, story, or question

·         Introduce yourself (optional)

·         Acknowledge in one or two sentences the negative image of Islam in the media. For example “Since the beginning to time, Islam has been the subject of controversy and criticism. But does that mean it is not the truth?”

·         Humour (a joke or two) (optional)

·         Keep in mind our target is a +18 non-Muslim audience, male & female, the majority of them being college students, professionals, intellectuals

·         Discuss how the Qur’an asks mankind to reflect. The themes in the Qur’an regarding reflection, “who Created the heavens and earth? Were they Created out of nothing?” The origin of man, destination, purpose of life, reason for our existence, death, the state of the soul in the grave, the Hereafter, and what is life? Is life just a game, a time for enjoyment, or a test? Tell the audience the importance of reflecting, don’t keep busy with the distractions of this world. To reflect is to answer the most important question in your life. Are we here by accident or is there a purpose for our existence?

·         Answer the question “What is the Qur’an?”

·         Discuss “subjective speech” as in your Divine Speech video

·         How our beloved Rasul (Salalahu Alahi Wasalaam) was unlettered

·         Discuss how their wasn’t an abundance of Arabic bibles around during that time and even if there was the Qur’an cannot be plagiarized because…

·         The Qur’an is neither poetry or magic. The Arabs at the time were mesmerized by the Qur’an

·         Is the Qur’an in chronological order? Why not?

·         Qur’an literary devices (i.e. repetition) and entire sentences that are palindromes!

·         The consistency of monotheism throughout the Qur’an as in the previous scriptures

·         How was the Qur’an composed and how is it maintained until this very day

·         The author is Allah (Arabic word for God)

·         Why does the Qur’an use “We” and “He”?

·         Please attempt to build-up suspense, so that towards the end the listener is eager to listen to this amazing Qur’an which you just described. It is also crucial that you remind the listener that the Qur’an is speaking to them personally as an individual, almost like a 1-on-1 conversation

·         Please speak slowly and you may choose to be redundant on key points

·         Please consider closing with “With no further adieu, the Qur’an, followed by its English translation….”

At the end of the day, these are just some suggestions. I am confident that any input you choose will be a vital asset to carrying out the message and purpose of this audio CD, Insh’Allah.

I ask Allah (SWT) to purify our intentions, protect us all from all evil, bless our efforts, and grant us and our families Jannat al firdous.

Jazakum’Allah Khair.


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