Nouman Ali Khan and Bayyinah Institute: Come back to the Qur’an!

Hidayah is from Allah subhana wa t’ala first and foremost. When you forget or bellittle this, that’s it, we’re in serious trouble.  I ask Allah to bless and reward Br. Nouman, to grant him sincerity (ikhlaas), and never remove the fear of Allah from his heart. He is definitely getting a lot of attention these days, and inshAllah for a good reason. I think he addresses some important issues, Allahu Alim. Allah use him as a means and tool to spread this Deen, and reward him and his family for it with Jannat al Firdous. Just remember, Islam is a commitment to principles, not personalities. 🙂

Here are some talks I found of his I found beneficial:

Divine Speech (50 min):


Intellectual Humility (10 min):


Contradicting Community (54 min):

Islam and Ego (52 min):

Others: Next Generation of Doubt, A Message to the Muslim Youth of Pakistan, and Tafseer of Surah Lahab (from, and the Youth’s Attitude Toward the Qur’an.