Advice: People who go from one extreme to another…

Quote by Ustadh Alomgir Ali:

I decided to share this insightful quote:

“Those who are described as being ‘burnouts’ from whatever group, be it HT, salafism, sufism etc should realise that after they leave their old ways they are in a critical period. Many however, jump into the deep end not learning from their mistakes and end up adopting another ‘manhaj’ not realising their approach and mentality remains exactly the same. The only difference is, they have chosen another set of ideas within the same framework of mind. If you have spent years upon a certain understanding, and then decide to abandon it, then do not hasten to adopt and propagate your new understanding. You are like a child again that needs to learn the basics all over again. I have not seen anything as destructive as arrogance and prematurely developed concepts in the field of da’wah. Learn to walk before you start to run, otherwise you will end up with disasters like Maajid Nawaz and other bigots who wreck havoc in the Muslim community. Wallahul Musts’aan.”