Book List for Muslims

Important note: the following are merely suggestions. Any person seeking Islamic knowledge should have a connection to a local Imam or scholar, so that you can ask questions and seek clarification. We recommend looking for not just any Imam, but an Imam who is familiar with many issues (spiritual, social, political) and/or someone specialized in the issue you’re seeking clarification for. Moreover, we do not endorse each and every thing from the list of books below except by the Qur’an Al-Kareem and what is authentically reported from the Prophet salalahu alayhi wasalam.

The Foundation – Books Ever Muslim Should Have:
The Quran
Best English translation (in my opinion): Saheeh International or Hilali-Khan
Fortress of a Muslim (du’a book)
40 Rabbana
The Accepted Dua by Abu Umar Abdulazeez
40 Hadeeth by Imam Nawawi (and or Riyadh As-Salieen by Imam An-Nawawi)
A Seerah Book (The Sealed Nectar is recommended)
A Basic Fiqh Book
Names of Allah

Etiquette of the Seeking Knowledge, Manners
Islamic Manners: Shaykh Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah
The Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge by Sh Bakr Abu Zayd
Etiquettes of the Carriers of the Qur’an by Imam An-Nawawi
The Prophet’s Methods for Correcting People’s Mistakes by Sh Salih Al-Munajjid
The Ideal Muslim by Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi

Tazkiyah, Purification of the Soul, Dua
Purification of the Soul by Ghazali, Rajab, Qayyim
Purification of the Heart by Imam Mawlud (Translation/Commentary by Hamza Yusuf)
Du’a: The Weapon of the Believer by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi
A letter to my student by Sh Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
In the Early Hours by Khurram Murad
Aqeedah, Beliefs, Important Issues
Fundamentals of Tawheed by Dr. Bilal Philips
The 3 Fundamental Principles by Sh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab
The Tree of Faith by AbdurRahman al-Sadi
Ma’alim fi al-Tariq by Ustadh Syed Qutb
Strengthening the Faith by Imam Shah Ismail Shaheed
Aqida al-Tahaweyah by Imam Abū Ja’far Muḥammad al-Ṭaḥāwī|
At-Tadhkhirah by Imam Qurtubi
Fiqh,Worship, Da’wah
Fiqh of Worship/Application – Refer to your local Imam – when applying and prescribing Islam, it’s important to consult someone who has studied Islam
The Pillars of Islam and Iman, and What Every Muslim Should Know About the Religion Paperback – by Sh Muhammad bin Jamil Zino
The True Religion of God by Dr. Bilal Philips
The Purpose of Creation by Dr Bilal Philips
The 1st Call, the 1st Order, and the 1st Prohibition in the Qur’an including Bonus Practical Ways to Stay Steadfast by Abu Umar Abdulazeez al Athari
Islam and Management by Ustadh Naceur Jabnoun
Books by Dr. Jerald F. Dirks
The Muslim Family – The Marriage Series – Muhammad al-Jibaly
Islamic Studies – Book 1 by Dr. Bilal Philips

The Seerah, Activism, Business, and Leadership
The Sealed Nectar by Shaykh Mubarpuri
Men Around the Messenger by Shaykh Khalid
Heroes of Islam by Sh Mahmood Ismail Sieny
Highlights and Lessons from the Seerah by Sh Mustafa Sibaie
Leadership Lessons from the Seerah by Sh Yawar Baig
System of Islam by Sh Taqiuddin an Nabhani
7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and His Teaching Methodologies by Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah
Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Dan Heath
The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
Fiqh Us-Seerah by Sh Muhammad Al-Ghazali
Enjoining Good, Forbidding Evil by Ibn Taymiyyah

Politics, Economics, Social and Contemporary Issues
The Class of Civilizations by Dr Bilal Philips
The world as it is by Chris Hedges
Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky
The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State by Noah Feldman
Islam and Modernism by Mufti Taqi Usmani
The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley
Return of The Pharaoh by Ustadha Zainab Al-Ghazali
Islam and the World by Sh Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi
Books by  Sh Taqi al-Din al-Nabhani
First things first by Br Khalid Baig
Tafhim al-Qur’an (The Meaning of the Qur’an) by Imam Mawdudi
Islamic Awakening Between Rejection and Extremism by Sh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
History of Civilization by Sh Musafa Sibaie

Books for Sisters
Reclaim Your Heart by Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed


Websites for Free Books:


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