Always taking money for da’wah?

Should Muslim speakers take surplus amounts of money or demand luxury for da’wah?

By. Dr. Haitham Al-Haddad


1. Mixing business & da’wah

2. Importance of having an income and being independent

3. Why volunteers and community leaders are blameworthy for giving large amount of the community’s money to speakers and creating a celebrity culture
4. How it’s huring our courage and ability to enjoin good and forbid evil: no one wants to bite the hand that feeds them
5. The lack of baraqah (blessing) in our da’wah. Personal note: I have seen a few speakers who make a personal effort to be independent and not rely on the community’s money. As a result, I have seen their da’wah flourish. Their students flourish. Their effect on others and themselves flourish. Whereas some celebrity shayukh, it doesn’t matter how much they do or say, it’s fairly futile. And they need to keep producing new material in order to keep their audience awake and entertained

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Pitfalls Of Modern Dawah – by Shaykh Mirza Yawar Baig

Simon Sinek on this issue (a non-Muslim on public speaking):

Video: PUBLIC SPEAKING BLACK BELT – Simon Sinek by London Real

Public Speaking and Grass-roots community building are two different things and two different skills. If someone is a good public speaker, they may be in the limelight, but they may not necessarily know how to run and revive a community.

If you look at the da’wah of the Prophet salalahu ‘alayhi wasalam, he was on the front lines, in the community, and speaking out at the same time, salalahu alayhi wasalam.

Hence, the best thing a speaker can do is be part of some kind of weekly program in their locality. Not just delivering and having people listening to them, but interacting with their community and engaging them and learning from them. Recognize what people’s skills are, learn from them, and aid them. One also needs to acquaint themselves with relevant issues on all three level, spiritual/personal, societal/cultural, and political/economical.


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