Muslims leaders need knowledge & skills, not information & praise.

Recently, I spoke to a journalist here in Canada about civil liberties and security. We were not even a minute into the conversation, when I realized that she had no idea what I was talking about. She wasn’t aware of past incidents relating to civil liberty violations or the research or organizations that were involved in protecting Canadian civil liberties.

After the phone call, I couldn’t understand. Was I speaking to a journalist? Isn’t this her department? How is she not familiar with these topics or issues? Then I realized something: a particular skill-set (in this case journalism) does not equate to knowledge.

If we take it further, possessing a lot of information (what’s does not equate to a strong character and principles. Classically speaking, Islamic scholars considered those with Islamic knowledge to be those who had character, strong principles…

To take our communtiy to the next level, our leadership needs to focus on three areas:

1. Knowledge of sociopolitical issues

2. Knowledge and involvement in grassroots activism, movements, organization, leadership, business skills…

3. Constantly revisiting the Qur’an and Sunnah and drawing relevant analogies, parallels, and anecdotes to today…

Imams who are good public speakers are important. But Imams who are activists are even more important.




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