Gavin Hood’s “Eye in the Sky” film is nothing but pure propaganda

The message that is repeated throughout this film is: collateral damage is justified, because if we don’t do it, the bad guys will do much worse. In retrospect, this seems pretty fair. But it’s a complete DIVERSION from the actual story surrounding drone warfare, and the fact that (a) there is never 2 hours of investigation (b) the civilian count by drone strikes is far, far worse and (c) the entire background and context of intervention, false intelligence, supporting tyrannical governments, torture, and bias media coverage is absent from this film. 

I was curious to watch this film to see if Hollywood had evolved since its days of of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim propaganda featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, etc.*

But to be honest with you, it seems it’s actually gotten worse!

*Refer to Jack Sheehan’s “Reel Bad Arabs” if you want to really learn about Hollywood has been demonizing Arabs and Muslims for years…

Anyway, I remember watching Syrianna years ago, and though it had it’s fear-mongering moments, I was saying to myself “well this is a step forward in American objectivity in film.” Boy was I wrong.

This film is so bad, only an idiot would think the movie tells a fair story. In summary, the whole movie revolves around drone pilots trying to save the life of one little adorable Somali girl. I guess director Gavin Hood missed the story of drone pilots calling child victims “fun-sized terrorists” and “ants.”

If drone pilots or Western militarizes were actually this objective and caring of civilian casualties, honestly I think we’d all be singing Kumbaya and holding hands.

This movie is so far from the truth and fails to address the real stories and facts behind drone campaigns.

Upon closer inspection, here’s what else I learned from Eye in the Sky:
-Muslims are radicalized in mosques (this is untrue by the way whoever researches this), apart from the politically-charged propaganda terminology and the notion that Muslims all over the world are becoming radicalized in a vacuum, taking the light of external factors that contribute to anger in the Muslim world
-Muslim Terrorists use prayer mats
-There are good and bad Somalis. Good Somalis are the ones that work for you and collaborate with intelligence agencies. The rest are bad.

I enjoyed Reddit user’s Lamont-Cranston comments about the movie:

“This movie is quite a naked work of propaganda. It depicts the drones sensors as impeccable and of the finest accuracy. It depicts the operators as honorable warriors reluctant to target civilians and children. The reality is they are trained to aggressively interpret everything as a threat…”

But why should we be surprised at the film’s propaganda? Hollywood and the U.S. military’s close relationship has been well documented.

I ask Allah to guide the human race, to make us intelligent, to read beyond headlines and propaganda.

I’ll end with a quote by George Orwell….

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

But you may wonder, why propaganda? Well there are many reasons…to make one feel secure in their thinking, to protects interests, profits, but ultimately, I believe the quote below is the most important, as to why the unjust resort to propaganda….




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