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Essential Islamic Lectures and a Curriculum for Busy Muslims

I’ve developed what is intended to be a curriculum for busy Muslims. Later on, I realized that what I had produced was also a list of essential Islamic topics to be internalized by the average Muslim. Guidance along with the desire to know Allah, are peculiar concepts today. And every Muslim deserves to delve into the Qur’an for him/herself and to reflect what Allah [aza wa jal] has said regarding guidance, along with what the beautiful Sunnah and what scholars have elaborated upon. Certainly, wanting Islam in your life requires one to fear, love, and hope for the mercy of Allah. Any Muslim in the 21st century knows that this fascinating yet deceiving world sometimes occupies us to an extent where we don’t even get the chance to reflect upon life and death itself. But please, consider something: with the one life you’ve been given, do not let this world own you. Do not leave this world without ever knowing the reason you set foot upon it in the first place. Islam is worth a small sacrifice of our time. An Islamic scholar once said, that “doubt” and “desires” are the two obstacles that often bar one from coming closer to reality and truth.


I recognize that many of us, deep down inside, have a strong intention to know Allah more. We crave and desire to taste the fruit of Imaan and to yield to the will of Allah, seeking His compassion, forgiveness, and mercy. We want surrender to Allah alone instead of surrendering to the creation. We want to understand Islam for ourselves, yet we wish to be able to articulate its practicality and wisdoms to someone who hasn’t yet become a Muslim. We want to read from the beautiful Arabic pages of the Qur’an to soften our hard hearts, to guide our souls, and to bring us back to reality. We want an admiring relationship with the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, where we can extract life lessons that mirror our own. We want to understand the Mercy to Mankind as a leader, as a family member, and as a role-model, for whose Sunnah we have nothing but love, gratefulness, and contentment for. Hence, let this intention and great aspiration to understand Islam be cultivated by motivation, direction, vision, and an action plan. Any obstacles that remain I ask you to first and foremost turn toward Allah and sincerely invoke your Creator to help you. Ask Allah to guide you to the truth and to success. Ask Allah to guide you to the straight path and to high aspirations. And ask Allah to forgive you, save you, and to place you and your family in the highest level of paradise. And I ask that you make the same prayer for us and all of the Ummah.


Before skimming over the programme, there are a few points which we need to keep in mind:

  1. a) Lectures and websites can rarely ever be a substitute for a pleasant and knowledgeable face-to-face teacher. In addition to going through this syllabus, try your best to find a teacher, mentor, scholar, or a local Imam whom you can relate to, interact with, and request clarification. What aren’t covered here are the many aspects of Fiqh, which are highly important. The topics listed mainly cover spirituality and wisdom, benefits for our lives, and making sense of Islam as well as understanding our purpose.
  2. b) The internet, as you know, has its pros and cons. Any individual or organization can publish anything and present that information as legitimate. For instance, I remember a fake Islamic website designed by missionaries went viral with the sole intent of deterring new Muslims from accepting Islam. Though the site was eventually exposed, but today there are even more. We all assume that we are able to distinguish authentic sources from the half-truths out there for ourselves, but sometimes it isn’t as easy as we think and hence we need to realize that consulting a qualified teacher is a part of knowledge in of and itself. A profound topic like Islam deserves to be extracted from genuine sources and not just whatever we find in a bookstore.
  3. c) Each title is hyperlinked and when clicked, a full lecture or clip should open. Those lectures that may be copyrighted or that I couldn’t find, I refrained from providing a link.
  4. d) I have personally gone through almost every lecture listed and tried my best to select the best of the best. I understand my choices are subjective. Hence, if you know of supplementary material, please share them. If anything, they would add some value; and I ask Allah [azaa wa jal] to reward you for that.
  5. e) If completing all the topics within a year is too difficult of a goal, then aim to complete a minimum of three categories, such as the first three. Try setting aside an allotted time of 35 minutes or more every day with family or by yourself (i.e. after Fajr or Isha, or between Maghrib and Ishaa). After each talk, jot down one or two beneficial points into a notepad. Trust me, these thoughts which you write down may eventually transform into ideas, projects, books, websites, or may just be spiritually enlightening at a future time. If you’re really short on time, transfer some lectures to an mp3 player or play them while driving to work, school, or on travel.
  6. f) As stated before, many of these topics deserve to be studied with a teacher. Consider this as an introduction. If I had trouble locating a lecture for a particular topic, I’ve noted an asterisk (*) beside it, meaning it’s still worth looking into, and I recommend going to your local Masjid and Imam as your first resource.
  7. g) Finally, take it one step at a time. Knowledge is a process and a journey. A person who wants to learn Islam quickly will also forget it quickly. Absorb the knowledge, process it, reflect upon it, and apply. Aim to build a foundation.


In conclusion, be patient. Even at the sight of the first obstacle, keep going. You will see virtues! It is principle within Islam that when we give up something for Allah, Allah will it replace it with something better. As you begin this journey, expect some small sacrifices, but also expect joy and contentment and an appreciation for life unimagined. The very first obstacle is foreseeable, which is the whisper of Shaytaan. Hence, to begin, I leave you with the following advice: “One of the tricks of Shaytaan by Nouman Ali Khan”


You only have one life and one chance to seek Islamic knowledge and to act upon it. So, let’s keep our ego’s low and ambitions high. And let’s put away our excuses and make sincere supplication to Allah aza wa jal.





  1. Life Lessons: 21 teaching methods of the Prophet Muhammad –Sh. Muhammad AlShareef
  2. Business and Management: Self-sufficiency or Selflessness – Dr. Tawfique Choudhoury
  3. Perseverance and Leadership: 7 Keys to Success –Sh. Mirza Yawar Baig
  4. Family and Sociology: Children around the Prophet – Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi
  5. Psychology and Confidence: Self-image Psychology – Sh. Yasir Fazaga
  6. Unity and Organization: When Muslims work together – by Usadth Nouman Ali Khan
  7. Struggle and Coherence: Hardships on the Path – Sister Yasmin Mogahed (for sisters)
  8. Muslim contributions to civilization: Muslim Spain’s Legacy – Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick
  9. History: Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (salalahu alayhi waslam) Dr. Yasir Qadhi
  10. Dawah and Clarifying Islam: Shahadah in Ten Minutes – Sh. Kamal El-Mekki



  1. Islam and Ego – Nouman Ali Khan
  2. The Purpose of Life – Yasir Qadhi
  3. God and the Design of the Universe – Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
  4. Do not live without a vision – Haitham Al-Haddad
  5. Taqwa – Haitham Al-Haddad
  6. Heedlessness by Hamza Yusuf
  7. The Purpose of Life – Hamza Tzortzis
  8. Returning to Allah and One and Why – Nouman Ali Khan
  9. Identity: who are you? – Abdul Malik
  10. I want to party and go to heaven – Nouman Khan on the Deen Show
  11. An Empire of Deceit – Bilal Philips



  1. Aqeedah for New Muslims – Omar Suleiman
  2. Oneness of God – Dr. Bilal Philips
  3. Lifting the Fog: Worship – Yusuf Estes
  4. Reasoning the Existence of God – Abdur Raheem Green
  5. Tafseer of Surah Ikhlas – Nouman Ali Khan
  6. How to Give Dawah – Kamal El-Mekki
  7. Does God Exist? – Abdur Raheem Green
  8. What will be the fate of those who have not heard of Islam? – Yasir Qadhi
  9. Salvific Exclusivity – Yasir Qadhi
  10. What is Tawheed? – Yasir Qadhi
  11. Darkness to Light: Doctrines of Faith – Yasir Qadhi
  12. Shahadah (affirmation, negation), Sunnah, 5 pillars, 6 articles of faith*
  13. Tawheed, Major/Minor Shirk, Iman, Major/Minor Kufr*
  14. In-depth explanation of Hadith Jibreel*
  15. Belief in the Unseen – Waleed Basyouni
  16. World of the Unseen – Yahya Ibrahim
  17. The Angel and Jinn – Bilal Philips



  1. The Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge – Hacene Chebbani
  2. Ilm, got to have it – Muhammad Alshareef
  3. Acting upon knowledge – Kamal Mekki
  4. How to attain sincerity – Safi Khan
  5. Hadith of Intention – Suhaib Webb
  6. Surah Baqarah (207 to 209) – Nouman Ali Khan
  7. Tafseer of Surah Baqarah (versus 1-7) – Nouman Ali Khan
  8. Seeking knowledge – Mohammad Elshinawy
  9. The 40 Hadith by Navaid Aziz



  1. Taking back our narrative – Amir Abdel Malik Ali and Nouman Ali Khan
  2. Lifting the Fog (series) – Yusuf Estes
  3. Response to anti-Shariah legislation – Yasir Qadhi
  4. How to do Dawah to atheists – Hamza Tzortzis
  5. How the bible led me to Islam – Yusha Evans
  6. Responding to the orientalists – Yasir Qadhi
  7. Five wrong things about Islam – Kamal El-Mekki
  8. Is the Prophet Muhammad PBUH a true Prophet? – Kamal El-Mekki
  9. Can we live our lives better without religion? – Hamza Tzortzis
  10. Perfect Justice: Debunking The Male Bias Myth – Yasir Qadhi
  11. Islam and Violence – Fadel Soliman



  1. The Inevitable Reality – Mufti Menk
  2. Why believe in the hereafter? –Abdul Hakim Quick
  3. How to unlock the iJannah – Suhaib Webb
  4. A simple reminder – Jalal bin Sa’eed
  5. Major Signs of the Day of Judgement – by Uthman Lateef
  6. The Hereafter – From Death to Judgement Day to Heaven and Hell
  7. Conversations in Heaven and Hell – Muhammad AlShareef
  8. The minor signs and our current reality – Uthman Lateef
  9. Ways to Paradise – Imam Siraj Wahhaj



  1. Arriving at the Right Airport – Yaser Birjas
  2. Why do we worship: journey of worship – Yasir Qadhi
  3. How to Speak to your Lord (Du’a) – Yasir Qadhi
  4. Basic Wudu and Prayer (how to video) – The Deen Show
  5. Common Islamic phrases and vocabulary translated – Dawah Addict
  6. Waking up for Fajr (cartoon) – Halal Sheikh
  7. Fajr and the Qur’an – Nouman Ali Khan
  8. Tawba – Dr. Haitham Al-Haddad
  9. Yaqeen (certainty) – Imam Zia
  10. Sabr (patience) – Mufi Menk
  11. Dua: Supplication – Mufti Ismail Menk
  12. Tawbah, Istighfar, and Shukr – Yahya Ibrahim
  13. The Importance of Salah – Mufti Ismail Menk
  14. Muslims in the Service of the Community – Haitham al Haddad
  15. Thinking bad of someone –Abdullah Idris
  16. Hayaa and Imaan – Kamal El-Mekki
  17. Concept of Ihsan – Mustafa Umar



  1. Fiqh of Salah and the Fiqh of Taharah*
  2. Khushoo (Concentration in prayer) – Yaser Birjas
  3. Prayer – Abdul Nasir Jangda on the Deen Show
  4. The Meaning of the Tashahhud – Abdul Nasir Jangda
  5. Never despair of Allah’s mercy – Hesham Al-Awadi
  6. Repentance: a means of purification – Farhan Abdul Azeen
  7. Importance of Tahara and Purification – Bilal Philips



  1. Divine Speech – Nouman Ali Khan
  2. Tafseer of Surah Fatiha (part one) – Imam Suhaib Webb
  3. Touched by an Angel (part one) – Muhammad AlShareef
  4. Jewels from the Qur’an (part one) – Mufti Ismail Menk
  5. Importance of Tawjeed – Yaser Birjas
  6. Tafseer of Surah Asr – Nouman Ali Khan
  7. Study of the Quran (first verses of Baqarah) – Nouman Ali Khan
  8. Importance of learning Arabic & Tajweed – Abu Taubah
  9. Extracting Guidance from the Qur’an – Nouman Ali Khan
  10. How to benefit from the Qur’an – Ustadh Alomgir Ali



  1. Go through a Seerah series with a local teacher

The following people have also recorded series’ on the Seerah:

Bashar Shala, Yasir Qadhi, Abdul Hakim Quick, Abdul Nasir Janga

  1. Holding on to Islam and the Sunnah – Dr. Tawfique Chowhury
  2. Culture versus Islam – Yasir Qadhi on the Deen Show


Shariah – What is it and how does it work?

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness and objectives of the Shariah – Yasir Qadhi
  2. Is Shariah Law Barbaric? – Hamza Tzortzis
  3. Social Justice in Islam – Yassir Fazaga
  4. Peace and Coexistence – Dr. Jaafar Idris



  1. Importance of Fiqh, it’s sources, and schools – Hatem Al-Haj
  2. Sciences of the Qur’an: Compilation & Preservation – Yasir Qadhi
  3. Usool At-Tafseer and Usool Al-Fiqh*
  4. Progress with the progressives – Yasir Qadhi
  5. Sciences of Hadith – Navaid Aziz
  6. Madhabs and Fiqh – Yasir Qadhi
  7. Challenges of Modernity – Haitham Al-Haddad



  1. Brotherhood, Sister, and Community – Tawfique Choudhury
  2. Etiquettes of a Conversation and Social Skills – Nouman Ali Khan
  3. Concern for the Ummah and Speaking Out – Omar Suleiman
  4. The rights of Children and Parents in Islam – Mufti Menk
  5. How to and enhance our relationships with our families – Mirza Yawar Baig
  6. Entertaining ourselves to death – Hasan Ali
  7. Friends in Islam – Mufi Menk
  8. Contradicting Community – Nouman Ali Khan
  9. The role of Muslims in the West – Nouman Ali Khan
  10. Let’s be healthy – Yassir Fazaga
  11. Sleeping Habits of the Prophet PBUH – Muhammad AlShareef
  12. Unity – Siraj Wahhaj
  13. Family and Relationships – Nouman Ali Khan
  14. Facing Depression – Yassir Fazaga
  15. The Happy Marriage Seminar – Hasan Ali
  16. Lofty Aspirations – Haitham al-Haddad
  17. Etiquettes of dealing with parents and the elderly – Yasir Qadhi
  18. Living in the West – Haitham Al Haddad
  19. Leaving a Legacy –Mirza Yawer Baig
  20. Parents and Children – Mohammed Faqih
  21. Ethics of disagreement in Islam – Mohammed Faqih
  22. Interaction between men and women – Abu Eesa Niamatullah
  23. Islam in America (Bill Moyers) – Zaid Shakir
  24. Those who have no one, have Allah (struggles) – Navaid Aziz
  25. The Spirit of Struggle – Abu AbdisSalam



  1. Dawah: they key to change – Hamza Tzortzis
  2. How to get the Shahadah in 10 minutes – Kamal El-Mekki
  3. The GORAP Course – IERA and Abdur Raheem Green
  4. Clearing the Fog – Muhammad AlShareef




  1. Corruptors of the Hearts – Abu Adnan
  2. The heart in Salah – Mokhtar Maghraoui
  3. Envy (series) – Jamal Zarabozo
  4. Don’t judge others – Mufi Menk
  5. Judging Others – Abdu Nasir Janga
  6. Purification of the Soul – Uthman Lateef
  7. Characteristics of the Hypocrites – Yahya Ibrahim
  8. The Mission (Manners) – Kamal El Mekki (YouTube)




See lectures by:
Ustadh Uthman Badar
Ustadh Wassim Doureihi
Ustadh Abu Luqman (UK)
Ustadh Moinul Abu Hamza
Dr. Abdul Wahid (UK)
Brother Abdullah Andalusi
Ustadh Mazin Abdul-Adhim
Shaykh Abu Adnan (Australia)
Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad
Ustadh Ali Harfouch
Dr. Uthman Lateef
Brother Moazzam Begg
Dr. Tariq Ramadan
Brother Adnan Rashid (UK)
Sr. Yvonne Ridley (beneficial for sisters)
The Muslim Debate Initiative


  1. Khulafa Rashideen – Bashar Shala
  2. The life of Saluddin Ayubi – Zahir Mahmood
  3. History of the 4 Imams (intellectuals of Islam) – Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi
  4. The Fitna – Kamal El-Mekki



  1. Lectures by Sister Yasmin Mogaged
  2. Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s Website
  3. Where are the women scholars? – Yahya Ibrahim
  4. Women Inspired by the Beloved – Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi
  5. Mothers of the Believers – Suhaib Webb
  6. The women who changed my life – Haitham Al-Haddad



  1. The blessing of Islam and being careful of arrogance – Zahir Mahmood
  2. What’s the goal? Jannah? – Reda Bedeir
  3. Sincerity and Ikhlaas – Muhammad Adly

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