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Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem.

My name is Junayd Amjad. I am a community volunteer and community activist striving for positive social change. I am based out of Toronto, Canada. This blog also includes posts by guest writers.

My background: 
-Born in the early 80’s, raised in Canada
-Ethnic background: Indian-Pakistani
-Currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-Community experience: Muslim Youth Director, Muslim Students Association, Muslim Outreach and Da’wah organizations, AlKauthar Institute, Marketing and Outreach.
-Career interests: sales, business, marketing, education, training and development, government, non-profits

Confusion was the inspiration for this blog. To elaborate on the subtitle “how do Muslims define progress?” I’ve been noticing many Muslims nowadays defining progress as:

-technological advancement

But there’s something missing here and I intend to address that inshAllah.

You can contact us at islamic.sunlight {at} gmail [dot] com


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