Brand name ideas for Islamic projects

***Alternative Names***
Eman Broadcast
The Abdullah Show
Shahadah Media
Taqwa Times
The Muslim Psyche
Ibadah Life
Tawbah Circles
Sujood Soldiers
Islam and the World
Sakinah Ambitions
Deen Affirmed
Ummah Audio
Muslim Motherboard
Ummah CPU
Dua League
Ummah ready
Ummah Omega
Muslim IQ Squared
Think Tank Islam
Muslim Intel
Muslims in Lead Mode
Muslim Intellectual Offences
The Unapologetic Muslim
Muslims Against Defeatism
Islam or Liberalism?
The Muslim Proactive
Defining The Paradigm
New Muslim Narrative
Muslims Engaging Ideas
Dawud and Goliath
Musa and the Pharoah
Seerah Ideology
Eye. Believe.
Muslim Chronicles
Faith and Ideas
Materialism is History
Debating Ideologies
Muslims & Dragons
Islam Far and Wide
Your friendly neighborhood Islamist
I Believe in Deen
The Muslim Psyche
Islam Psyche
Spiritual Revival of Islam
Finding Muslim Nemo
Tafseer of Ideas
Kitab Inspired
The Intelligent Path
Hearts. Minds. Islam.
Hearts. Minds. Quran.
The Abdullah Show
Islam and the Empire
Defining Freedom

Islam Definition
Way of Life Defining
The Muslim Absolute
Mind. Body. Muslim.
Soul of  the Intellectual Muslim
In the Heat of the Empire
Challengeing the Narrative
Muslims Challenging the Mainstream
In Heart of Muslim Minds
Imaan Ideology
Iman Ideology
Eman Ideology
Islam GPS
Social J Word
Muslims Engaged
Muslims & The Battle of Ideas
Islam and Intellectual Battlefield
The Muslim Empire Strikes Back
Deen or Die
The Muslim Hour
Tower of Ideas
Burj of Ideas
Muslim Starwars
Shahadah Roots
Hijrah Think Tank
Nasr Ideology
Islam Forth
Deen Future
Direction Aql

Destination Deen
Ikhlas & The Giant
Abraham & The Giant
Hidayah Chronicles